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 Rewilding. Wellbeing. Belonging.


Ancestral wisdom & radical doula care for all
reproductive experiences & life transformations

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This is a safe and brave space for exploring life, death, and all the experiences in between.

It’s for justice-seekers, question-askers, system-challengers, edge-walkers, and those that have one foot in this world and one foot in the Otherworld.

Hi, I’m Sarah! As a doula, writer, and researcher, I like to combine perspectives of history, anthropology, psychology, and folklore with real world applications (that also challenge Western notions, capitalism, patriarchy, & white supremacy).

In other words, I don’t just research and write, I also work in communities as a radical space holder for those ready to experience birth, loss, parenting, and death in ways that challenge our current paradigm.

I love asking hard questions and being with those going through life transforming experiences. Absolute respect of the soul and radical autonomy are my guiding values.

If you’re seeking reproductive support, word medicine, knowledge stretching, herbal ally support, or mentoring, make yourself comfortable and feel free to poke around.

I hope something here guides you to what you need and look forward to sharing space with you.

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