7 Things to Look for in a Birth Photographer

Labor and birth are incredibly personal experiences and who you invite into your space really matters. Choose only those people that you know will contribute to the birth you’re dreaming of, and feel free to ask the rest to sit outside or come to meet the new baby in a few days.

That’s why it’s crucial that you pick a birth photographer that carries a sense of professionalism and has the vibes you want at your birth.

So to help you make a choice you’ll love, here are a few things to look for when you’re choosing a birth photographer.

7 Things to Look for in a Birth Photographer

1. Make sure they actually understand and have experience being around birth.

While someone might be a crazy good photographer, it doesn’t mean they’ll rock the birth room. If they tend to be a worrier, get grossed out, or have issues with waking up in the middle of the night (so they can actually make it to your birth), they won’t be so good at photographing your birth. This is why it’s super important to hire an experienced photographer who knows what’s needed to be great at capturing the story of your birth.

2. Schedule a meet up before the birth.

A birth photographer should be willing to meet with you before putting you on their calendar. Birth is a personal experience and they should be a good fit for your personality and needs. Make sure they’re willing to meet you and talk about the birth beforehand. That will make it far less weird when a new person walks into the birthing room.

3. Check out their galleries to see if you like their style.

Photographers love to show off their work so it should be pretty easy to check out their portfolio on their website. Decide if you like their style and if it will tell the story of your birth in the way that you want. Feel comfortable enough to ask questions about how they customize their photography to a birthing person’s needs.

4. Have a conversation about what you expect.

Don’t just assume that the photographer will capture exactly what you want photos of. Tell them specifically how graphic you want the photos to be (or not at all) and point out those moments that you definitely want to be documented. If they’re the right photographer for you, you’ll be able to agree easily on the terms of the project.

5. Read their reviews to find out how they are at births.

Some personalities are not so great at births. These people are overly chatty, not great at reading body language, and just can’t respect the mood. Don’t invite someone like this to your birth if it’s not a good fit for your needs. Read the photographer’s reviews and look for words like “respectful” and “quiet” and “didn’t even notice they were there.” This will tell you that they are going to be more of a fly on the wall, allowing the health professionals to do their jobs and you to focus on labor and birth.

6. Hire a photographer that takes pride in their work.

Some regions have a handful of birth photographers that really pour themselves into their photography. In other areas, birth photographers are a dime a dozen and don’t give as much to their work as they should. Even if ultra cheap photographers are available in your area, don’t pick someone based on their price. Find out about their process. Do they hand edit each photo, giving care to your birth story? Or are they carelessly churning out edits and producing something you’ll wish was different?

7. Make sure your personalities are a good fit.

Sure, you won’t be hanging out during the birth necessarily. But hiring someone who feels more like your friend will put your mind at ease, allow you to relax, and give you the confidence that they’ll be awesome at your birth and deliver beautiful, care-filled photos.


Sarah BraunComment